17 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website Fast

Build a
Community to Increase Your Free Traffic

have a website that does okay, but you want to increase the traffic to
your site and you want it to be free traffic. Now you are wondering
what you can do to achieve your goal? There are many different things
you can do. One of them is to build a community.

your Google traffic is about answering questions that are found to be
important in your community. You must take the time to become the
authority and have the necessary expertise in your niche.

the community ask you questions. By doing so, you will be on your way
to providing useful, valuable, high quality content. That’s what Google
really cares about. When you provide answers to questions asked by your
community, Google will rank your website very well for the keyword
terms you would not have come up with on your own, but these keywords
do show up in your answers to questions.

create loyalty among your community members and you rank well with
Google at the same time. You could say that is a win-win! Now you have
members in your community that are going to share and tell others about
it, which will increase your traffic flow. That will multiply and
continue to grow as more visitors show up and like what you have to

addition, Google will rank you well so you will place better in the
search engines. Doing so means that more surfers will find you and come
visit your page for an additional way of increasing the traffic to your
site. These people when happy will again invite others.

when looking for proven ways to increase your traffic flow make sure
that you do not overlook the power of community – build a strong niche
community and they will come with The
Buyers Traffic Secrets

Create a
Social Site and Increase Your Free Traffic

goal is to increase your free traffic. Great news! If you create a
social site you can do exactly that, increase your traffic for no cost.
Let’s have a s look at what your social site needs to accomplish.

#1 Incorporate
Call to Action – Ask your visitors to become involved. If they like
what your site has to offer they’ll likely return. Your call to action
will engage your visitor and ask them to help by inviting others to
your site, leaving comments and writing responses.

#2 Make Use
of Comments – Comments are a great way for you to interact and engage
with your visitors. You can stay in touch and respond to comments that
are made. You should allot a few minutes daily to respond to comments
that have been made. Engaged visitors come back!

#3 Interact
With Other Blogs and Sites – You can stay connected to other blogs and
sites that are in your niche. Leave comments on their posts, get involved with these communities and
let people find you
. This will
increase your traffic. However, don’t hog the site and don’t be a
nuicanse. Don’t post just to post. Make sure you have something of
value to add.

#4 Start
Your Own Forum – Add a forum to your site. It’s a great place for
people to gather and discuss everything from A to Z. They can talk
about the niche your site handles or about the weather. Active forums
are a great way to bring your visibility up in the search engines and
that increases your traffic flow. Don’t be surprised if your forum
grows rapidly – the good ones do. Just be prepared to add a moderator
to the site to ensure things remain civil.

are just four things you can do to create a more social site and
increase traffic to your website. Think outside the box and enjoy the

Your Bounce Rate Increase Your Free Traffic

there is one thing search engines hate, it is a high bounce rate. If
your bounce rate is too high, Google and other search engines could
punish you by decreasing your rank and placement. Decrease your bounce
rate and you will be rewarded by the search engines. Better placement
means more traffic to your site.

rate is one of those metrics that is tossed around a lot in the search
engines. It’s often talked about in absolutes, but it is better to look
at bounce rates subjectively.

you have a high bounce rate it could indicate a number of things that
generally will fall into either one of these two categories.

1. You are
acquiring the wrong kind of traffic to your site.

2. You are
acquiring the right kind of traffic to your site.

you are confused by the second one, you aren’t alone. But think about
it. If your website provides exactly what the visitor wants or provides
a solution to the question the visitor will leave the page quickly. That means you will have a high
bounce rate.

want your visitors to stick around, but you also want them to find what
they want. So you need to spread their stay around so that they are
checking out more of your site before they leave. This means you want
more engaged visitors.

decrease your bounce rate, you might also

1. Avoid the
use of pop ups

2. Use a
navigation setup that is intuitive and contains key items

3. Avoid
poor website design

4. Increase
the rate at which your pages load

5. Make
your site mobile friendly

6. Segment
your information

7. Optimize
for intent

8. Design
information based on your priorities

9. Watch
where you place ads

10. Remove

11. Leverage
internal searches

your bounce rate and increase your traffic. It’s worth your time to
work on a better bounce rate.

Give Away
Freebies and Increase Your Free Traffic

can bring your site free traffic. Who doesn’t like receiving something
free? That’s why online freebies are so popular. Freebies bring
visitors to your site and when done right they leave the visitor
wanting more, which leads to a purchase.

quality freebies will ensure you have an increase in your free traffic.
What do some of the freebies that have value look like? Here are some freebies for you to

#1 E-book –
give away an e-book and make sure your ad is on it. Let your visitors
also give away the e-book. This will increase your ad exposure and as a
result increase your free traffic to your site.

#2 Online
Classes – Hold online seminars or classes that are free. You can hold
these in a chat room. People love free ways to learn something about
what interests them and from there you can send them to your site for
more information or to make a purchase. It’s an easy way to increase
your traffic flow.

#3 Webinars
– Webinars are another way to teach people. Offer free webinar classes
that also send them to your website. A quick and easy way to increase
your traffic flow for no cost.

#4 Contests
– Contests are a great way to increase your traffic flow. Give site
visitors a free entry and let them enter daily. You will be amazed at
how much this can impact your traffic. People love to share contests
and that means new free traffic for you.

#5 Software
– Give away free software or turn part of your website into an area
that contains all kinds of free software available for visitors to
download. Make sure your ad is inside. Let others give away this
software too. Of course, any software you give away must be legally
available to do so.

are all kinds of things you can give away, depending on your niche
market. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. You’ll be impressed
at the increase you’ll enjoy in free traffic.

Grow Your
Free Traffic by Addressing a Niche Market

you want to increase your traffic and you want to do it for free, then
why not try addressing a niche market. You’ll be happy with the results
you see!

best sites address a niche or a specific audience. They become an
expert in their field. You want your website to be the resource they
first look to for expertise in the field. You want to establish your
site as the best resource to go to for your niche.

can either start a site based on your interests or examine the market
and see where a strong niche is that isn’t covered very well. You can then take this niche
and turn it into an area where you are the expert.

markets are one of the most overlooked tools available to generate free
traffic. There are all kinds of websites – millions upon millions and
yet still there are many niche markets that either have limited
coverage or no coverage at all.

who decide to start an online business seek out the most searched terms
and build a site around that. The trouble is that’s what everyone else
is also doing and that means that is where the competition is highest.

a niche that doesn’t have as high of competition means that you are
going to have a higher flow of traffic to your site than you would if
the competition was stiff. That’s one way you will enjoy increased
traffic. The other way is simply because surfers are looking for an
expert in that niche and once they realize that’s what you are they’ll
not only come to your site they will share your site with others that
would also be interested in that niche.

what are you waiting for? What will your niche be that will increase
the traffic to your site?

Accurate Keywords Can Increase Your Free Site Traffic

of us are always looking for ways to create free traffic for our
websites and yet ironically some of the most ethical and easiest ways
to increase website traffic are often overlooked. One of those is the
use of accurate keywords.

does that mean? It means that the keywords you choose should accurately
reflect the content you have. The reason we use keywords is to help
surfers find the content they are looking for. Choosing popular
keywords that have nothing to do with your content is a commonly made
mistake – don’t do it! Instead, find
the most popular relevant keyword and use it in your title

Be extremely literal and descriptive in your title and then use your
keyword throughout your article several times in a natural way. You
should never keyword stuff, because if you do, Google is likely to
punish you.

you have a keyword that’s a bit confusing relating to its meaning take
your time to explain to them what you are talking about and what the
meaning is. When you use your keyword or keyword throughout your
article consider using variations of the word(s)
and mixing up the order of your keyword phase.

are powerful. They help you to place better in the search engines,
which means when someone searches for your keyword(s) they are
more likely to find you, because you show up sooner in the search
engines. This translates to more free traffic to your website.

now wasn’t that easy? Just taking the time to choose the best and most
accurate keywords can significantly increase your free traffic flow. It
will cost you nothing but a little time and you will enjoy huge
benefits for your time. What better time to increase your traffic than
right now.

Your Free Traffic Using SEO

you want to increase free traffic to your website, you need to take
advantage of SEO – it’s no game, SEO is serious stuff when it comes to
doing it right and ensuring you enjoy the benefits of increased traffic

need to create content that your readers want to read – content that
has value. In that content you need to make sure that it is search
engine optimized. We don’t mean stuffing keywords, but making sure your
keywords are used in a natural flow at a rate of about 2%
in your content.

links you place in your content should be from trusted sites. Even as a
new website, there are natural links you can still obtain that are
legitimate and recognized by Google and other search engines as
acceptable. Don’t make the mistake of choosing links that are
questionable just so that you have links in your content. You are better off to not have
links than you are to have poor links.

you add images make sure that you fill in the image attributes.
Pictures do more than dress up the page. The details like caption,
title, description and alternate text are important to the search
engine. Don’t keyword cram but to make sure your keyword(s) are
included in your image attributes. Remember some people will search
using Google image search rather than text search and if your image(s) are
highly visible you are likely to bring more traffic to your site
through this resource.

your internal anchor links is also important. These are the links on
your page that the search engines will find when they crawl your site.
Finally, make sure your pages have at least 250 words, use fonts that
are easy to read and headlines to help divide your page and make it
easier to read.

will deem good content search worthy and proper use of SEO will help
you to place higher in the search engines. Good content with good SEO
equals increased traffic to your site.

Your Free Traffic Using Your Blog

you are looking for a way to increase your free traffic to your site,
consider using your blog. Your blog could be a powerful tool that you
are under utilizing.

remains king when it comes to organic search traffic. Your niche will
have some popular search terms within it. The more of those you include
in your blog the more organic the leads to your blog will be. However,
if you include too much text on the main page of your blog, it can be
more harmful than good.

your blog to write about your niche. It doesn’t matter what the niche
is, make sure to find out what keywords and keyword phrases are
trending in that industry or niche, and then make sure that they are
included in your blog posts.

will want to make sure that your blog has a link back to your website
that is highly visible. The blog is going to help to
increase the visibility of your website and the amount of traffic that
your website gets.

are a form of social marketing. They are often far less formal than
your site and share information about your niche whether that is the
postings of an expert, opinions about a product/service, information
about products or just about anything else that is relevant to your
niche. It allows visitors to leave comments and to share your blog
posts through other social media channels.

means you need to give your blog the correct attention. Everything you
post should be of quality and it should engage the reader. Doing so
means your visitors will return and they will want to share your blog
with others that they know. In turn, the number of people that jump
from your blog to your website should also increase.

blog is an excellent gateway for you to enjoy an increase in traffic on
your site, so why not put it to work today?

Your Free Traffic with Optimized Articles

you want to increase your free traffic take advantage of optimized
articles. There are three key ingredients to a successful web
page/article being optimized:

1. Your meta

2. Your

3. Your

is very simple to fill out and follow when you publish content on your
site so take the time to do so. It will help you to begin to
rank better and faster with your keywords.

you still unsure of what’s needed from you? Read on.

page title is one of the key factors for page ranking and should be
given the care and attention it deserves. Your page title tags show up
in SERPs or Search Engine Result Pages. Google and other search engines
use the title tag as their search results title for that page.

page on your site should have its own unique title tag. It should start
with a relevant keyword whenever possible. Don’t put your company name
in the title tag/ The keywords in your title should be in your page and
visa versa.

look at an example. If your keyword is blue jeans your title could be
“Blue jeans at discounted prices” and your first paragraph of your
content could start with something like, “Blue jeans are comfortable
and rugged and now you can buy them at discounted prices.”

to avoid stop words, which are words that break up your keywords. For
example, blue discount jeans. Discount would be a stop word.

your meta description you need to provide a short and concise summary
of what your site content is. Search engines often display the meta
description with your title in the search result pages. Your keyword
should also be included here.

have one or more keywords, but you should have one primary keyword and
the rest will be secondary. You will use the primary keyword in your
title and description.

it is – optimized articles or content can help to increase free traffic
to your site.



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